Creative Coincidence: Penta & Massive Armchairs

Penta vs. Massive

Photo Credits: Viccarbe // Junpei Tamaki Design

Both chairs will make heads turn due to their simple, yet captivating design. It’s concept seems similar, taking it’s foundation from the shapes of a pentagon and a hexagon, respectively. Massive, has a little twist, which is that one of the edges is slightly tilted upwards, giving it a distinctive character.

Junpei Tamaki has been exhibiting in Salone Satellite since 2013 and has a captivating portfolio with works that explore simplistic designs. On the other hand, French designer Toan Nguyen, was Antonio Citterio’s design director for ten years, prior to opening his own studio in 2008.

They are both fantastic pieces, ideal for hotel lobbies, offices and lounges.


Celebrating Saint Patrick’s!

ST.P 1

ST.P 2

1. Cindy Table Lamp, Kartell // 2. Alcove, Vitra // 3. Tip Ton, Vitra  // 4. Shape, Viccarbe // 5. DLM new side table, HAY // 6. Eames Elephant, Vitra // 7. Emotional baggage tote, Sisi // 8. Wooden wonderland, HAY // 9. Notebooks, Sisi // 10. Pussel, Kettal // 11. Outdoor table + bench, Guilielmus // 12. Aalto Vase, Iitala // 13. Plopp stool, HAY // 14. LC Collection, Cassina //15. Bistro toaster, Bodum // 16. Fridge carafe cover, Evasolo // 17. Happy hour tumbler glass, Guzzini  // 18. Espresso tumbler, Evasolo // 19. Bistro electric water kettle, Bodum  // 20. SOD drying rack, Finell

Getting all greened up for Saint Patrick’s? With green being a bit of an awkward color for home decor, we managed to find some sleek items from furniture, to accessories, stationary and kitchen appliances. Between some revamped design classics and some new items, green could be more happening than one could imagine.

In interiors, it’s always good to have a pop of color, whether you apply it through accessories, flowers or one specific piece of furniture, it’s a good rule to follow.

We recommend to check out these links more in depth for their added value to design techniques. For instance, the work from Guilielmus, defies gravity making each object extremely intrinsic. The Plopp chair from HAY, looks like plastic, but is actually made of steel. Pussel, by Xavier Mañosa, is an oil lamp, a candle holder and a flower vase. And the list goes on…

Hope this mood board inspires and fuels your creativity! Happy Saint Patrick’s day!


Good Ideas

Let light lead the way

Photo credit: Thomas Dahl

Details go a long way. The handle on this staircase acts as a light path and where there is light… you follow. Staircase design is a topic in itself, but this image proves that good design is all about creativity and attention to detail. It’s touches like these that make your home distinct with identity. Maybe you don’t have a stairway, but for sure you can apply touches of light in hallways or awkward nooks, to uplift any area.

Creative Coincidence: Bertoia & Corolle Chairs

CC-Bertoia vs. Corolle

Photo credits: Knoll // Roche Bobois

As you may know, Harry Bertoia is quite the legend in the design world and his collection will forever remain a modern classic. It’s a result of Hans and Florence Knoll’s request for Bertoia to come up with “something interesting”. They wanted to work with him but never briefed him with specifics; instead, they encouraged him to explore whatever he liked. Thus the Diamond chair was conceived while exploring different responses for a chair to suit his body comfortably. He happens to be one of the fathers of what we know today as ergonomics.

I went around and discovered, quite soon, that I was not the man to do research. My feeling was that had to come from an inward direction. I began to rely once more on my own body. I began to think in terms of what I would like as a chair. It started very slowly…I came into rod or wire, whether bent or straight.

The art in Bertoia’s work lies in the fact that he used an industrial material and elevated into a refined iconic object. It was introduced in 1952 and has been an inspiration ever since. We’ve come to find this similarity with the work of French designer, Maurice Marty. Actually, he is a sculptor, a designer, an architect, a painter and interior designer, known for his exceptional craftsmanship.

At first glance, we focus on the form of the chair. The “diamond” shape provides extended lateral surface to rest your arms, without actually having an armrest. Due to the way its bent, its organic shape responds to a specific function. Secondly, we notice the legs, which are quite different. They are in opposite positions, and the Corolle version has an X shape if seen from the back. Lastly, the main difference, which sets this coincidence apart, is the material selection. While the Diamond chair owes all its glory specifically for its metal wire choice, Corolle seat is manufactured in 10mm PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate, also known as Plexiglas) and steel epoxy lacquered legs. They both come with options of upholstery or cushion (respectively) and are suitable for outdoors.

My theory is that both designers made it their goal to experiment with unconventional materials. However the main design element is the shape, and that we owe it all to Harry Bertoia.

Which one do you prefer?